Over 50?

Over 50?

If you're between 50 and 66 and can't work, special provisions in Social Security may apply to your case.  Call us today to start your claim! (850) 385-6668


Tallahassee Social Security Disability Benefits: Over 50


Now, you’re over 50 and can’t work. It may be harder than ever for you to find a job. Your health problems may make it impossible. And you don't know where to turn. But, special rules in Social Security may apply to your claim.

A special section of the Social Security code offers provisions for people over 50. Knowing these special rules can be the difference between winning your claim or receiving a denial. The attorneys at Solomon, Sullivan and Romo will show you how to take advantage of these special rules. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people in North Florida and South Georgia get the disability benefits they deserve.

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